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My name is Chuck Pennington III, and I’m originally from Ashland, KY. I currently live in Columbus, OH, and I’m 39 years old going on 80 (I figure I was born forty). I enjoy theatre (local and in NYC), film (Hitchcock/Disney/Italian giallo), and books (autobiographies and trashy novels).


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your review of (title of show) was “spot on!” As a native New Yorker, transplanted to Columbus, OH, I couldn’t agree more. Joe Bishara (director), Liz Wheeler (choreographer), Matt Clemens (music director), cast, crew… were an absolute delight.

    And in a relatively small venue – whew!… Kind of reminds me of an experience I had seeing Sam & Dave in a tiny place in harlem 1970’s Not that the music, or content is at all similar, just that its absolutely remarkable to be that up close and intimate with such an excellent performance.


    • Thanks. I’m trying to help publicize all of the great theatre in Columbus. I go to NYC 2 to 3 times a year and see a bunch of shows, but I don’t think a lot of people realize how much fun theatre there is RIGHT HERE, you know? I’m no snob when it comes to theatre, as you can see from my blog. Yes, I see and write about big shows on Broadway but also Columbus community theatre.


  2. Hi Chuck, I just encountered this website and saw that you awarded me best actress! Wow! You made my day!! Sordid Lives was a blast and I am so happy that you enjoyed it and recognized me in this way. Thank You. And thanks for your commitment to Central Ohio Theatre! Lori Cannon

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  3. Like Lori, I just came across this page and was delighted to find my award for best supporting actress for Brighton Beach Memoirs. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the play. We loved doing it.
    I hope you will be able to come see Angels in America (Warehouse) next month.


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